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Save my marriage of 5 years before it crashes

What must I do?

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I bought an expensive pen for my Secretary as a birthday present. Later she sent me a text to thank me for the gift, unfortunately, i didn’t check my massages that day. My wife, somehow, got hold of my phone and read the text. I was in the shower at that time. She became furious, accusing me of cheating and sleeping with my Secretary and she packed out of our house.

I was puzzled as i didn’t understand why, until i took my time to read my Secretary’s text. It reads: “Thanks boss, your penis so beautiful. I like it very much” Now, how can i convince my wife that it was a “spacing error” that all she meant to write is “your pen is beautiful?” Not, ” your penis beautiful” I know if i was in her shoes… Finding a similar text in her phone, i would be furious too.

But how would one explain this?

What would you do?

What must I do?



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