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Bobrisky Arrested amidst Gay Saga

Nigerian famous male barbie fondly called Bobrisky has been arrested and is cooling off in Lekki police station Lagos to be transferred to Abuja soon.

His mouth landed him into trouble after he made a viral post and declared himself gay.

Imagine , in a country where GAY activities are highly prohibited, you don’t just come out as GAY, that is why Nigeria gay activist Bisi have refused to come home again.
Even if Nigeria is perceived as a lawless country and for the fact he admitted it by himself then they have every right to bring him to book.

It is written, 14 years jail term , it was made public so the choice is yours. Is either you run it on low-key or you show yourself up and get locked up.
It’s better to keep mute sometimes.

Hope he is released soon.



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