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Tragedy: How family of 4 perished in a ghastly motor accident

A family of four died in a ghastly motor accident on their way to the village to celebrate Christmas.

But the social media was thrown off balance when the news circulated that it was the family of  Ijeoma Onwubualili, a young Nigerian doctor who was inducted few months ago.

According to online reports, she died alongside her parents and her younger sister, a day to her birthday along the Enugu-Abor road as a trailer fall on top of their car because the road was too bad.

It was gathered that her father hired a driver to take the family from Jos, Plateau State, to the Eastern part of Nigeria, for the traditional marriage of one of his daughters, in January, 2018.

The father, mother and Ijeoma died instantly, while the oldest daughter Gracious, died later at the hospital.
Their son is said to still be unconscious at the hospital, while the driver is said to be the only survivor. 

See friends tribute:


The only time I talked with you was a day I sent you PM to enquire about something. You responded so well and timely too.

I have never met you, though wished I had before your demise.

Story has it that you, your younger Sister, and Parents embarked on a journey to the village from Jos yesterday.

At Benue state, your family vehicle that you were all travelling with, had a fatal accident which led to the loss of everyone in the car.

And that was the story that brought so much sorrow to many.

Today (25/12/2017), suppose to be your birthday, but the Lord called you to rest a day before the event (yesterday).

May God grant you, your sister and parents eternal rest.



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