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How to start a peanut burger business with #5000 in Nigeria

How to make peanut burger, the marketing and the profit in it.

I so much love groundnuts, apart from it’s richness in protein, lowers type 2 diabetes, lowers risk of colon cancer and surpresses hunger for weight lost and other things, but the taste is so delicious and keep me and my kids asking for more.

It’s so simply that anyone can make it, as it yields in much quantity and it can last for months.

Where to get the ingredients:

Visit any bakery shops in the market and give them a list of this ingredients and watch them gather it for you at a token.

Ingredients for a starter:

6 cups of groundnuts
Milk flavour (optional)
1 Level cup of sugar
5 eggs
Tip spoon of salt
Groundnut oil


Wash groundnut with warm water to remove stones and dirty
Allow it to dry very well.
Pour in a basin and set aside.
Mix the eggs, sugar and pinch of salt together and whisk thoroughly until sugar melt.
If you are putting milk flavour please do mix it with flour and sieve. In the bowl where groundnut is placed, add 2 table spoons of the egg and shake well.

Add small quantity of flour and shake again.
Make sure the flour is mixed with the groundnut very well.
Add 2 spoons of egg and shake before adding flour and shake again.
continue with this process until the groundnut is coated as seen in the picture.
Immediately, put the groundnut oil on fire, allow to bleach for seconds, then start frying in a deep oil.

Fry badge by badge to prevent soaking much oil.
During the shaking process do not  relent so that it won’t stick together.

But if it does?

  1. Use spoon and Peel from under separate it with flour and shake
  2. When done with shaking process don’t leave it up to 15 minutes before you start frying else it will dry and consume so much oil while frying.
    Frying colour is gold not brown, as it will darken after it’s cold

Benefits of doing it yourself:

– Saves money.

– Serve as refreshment for guests.

– The kids loves it in big quantity.

– Free from preservatives because you prepared it by yourself.

– can be used as food for weight loss .

Business plan:

Small scale: Startup money ranges from #1000 to #5000 in Nigeria.

Who can do the business:

Anybody can do it as full-time business or part-time especially our single mothers, house wives, single girls and single boys .

You can merge it up with Zobo drinks which is also affordable to prepare.

Equipment  for marketing: small white waterproof or nylon.

Staple and pin for sealing.

Transparent bucket or basket for displaying.

You don’t need label or business registration for now.


Factors to consider to attract customers fast


Enquire about the market price of your competitors and join them or either reduce your price to attract customers but never hike price than the normal price others are selling at.

Where to sell:

Supply to primary and secondary schools during break periods.

Supply to supermarkets, market stalls and fast foods.

Supply on wedding occasions and birthdays.

Mobile friendly: it saves money for shop rent later if you wish to have offline branch.

Advertisement strategy: Use word ostrategy by telling friends and family members by giving out small fries for tasting .

Social media: connect with social media slay personalities with much friends likes and comments, post about your product once a day, and create a business page to market to larger number of people within your community.

Phone number: Have a business line that should work for 24 hours and keep contact records of all your heavy customers .

Always send thankful messages to them during festive seasons.

Deliver on time: Always deliver your product on or before the agreed time to customers because first impression matters. Avoid ‘African time’.

Maintain quality: have standard and taste products else no one will patronize you, no consumer wants to waste his or her hard earned money for something of less value.

Make friends: for higher patronage befriend event planners, pastors wives  because they can heavily influence people. Promise to give them discount for linkups.

Profitability: highly profitable because groundnut and most of the ingredients have stable market price doesn’t fluctuate easily.

The expenses and profit are 50/50.

Consistency helps to break-even.

Preservation: store in tin container and close tightly because air weakens the crunchiness.

Longevity: It last for 3 months depending on how crunchy it was when you preserved it, so no bad market for you as there is enough time for marketing.

Finally, grow from this small scale stage to a larger scale gradually,  one day, you will look back and thank me.

Try it, start now, business is built and nurtured like a new born baby till it begins to yield to your high expectations.

The time to start something is now.



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