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Women fashion:13 Ankara inspired outfit for the office

Who made the rules, that office wear must be suit and tie all the time despite the harsh weather.

Isn’t it obvious that those official rules are hardly kept these days because people are no longer comfortably wearing such thick clothes in this African scorching sun. The bankers are lucky because they stay in an air – conditioned office throughout the day, and others that don’t work in bank or probably go to work in public transport,Β  will be peppered by heat throughout their working hours right ?

Frankly, fashion is all about being confident in what you’re putting on your body, be it cloth, makeup, hairstyle and scent.

One can look smart in simple and light office wears from Ankara fabrics and African prints.

Ankara skirts can be combined with official jacket or Ankara tailored jackets, Ankara pants and gowns.

Below are some official timeless designs we specifically selected for women to rock to their offices, book launches, conferences, churches, schools and wherever.

Make the best selection and go all out and with that amazing style, to spice up your work outlook a bit as all heads turns on you. Remember to put on much smilesΒ  to match your fashion sense.

Be inspired as you see these pictures:



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