Aju mbaise Herbal

Trying to conceive and constant miscarriage herbs available here

The pains of childlessness and miscarriage many women go through is nothing to write home about….

Two of my friends benefitted from it and that is why I’m sharing the good news as I’m happy I played my role.

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The first was trying to conceive for 6 years + while the other hardly carry her pregnancy for 4 months without miscarrying it…

As God may have it, she was treated, within weeks of taking the herbal drink they conceived differently, one just put to bed last week while the other is 6 months pregnant….

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The herbs is given at a token of #15000 but freewill appreciation after conception…..

If you’re within Umuahia, in Abia State, we can meet face to face.

Interested Women should know this:

Women with similar issues like difficulty in conception, constant miscarriages, hotness of stomach, tube blockage, excessive bleeding after child birth or accident and flat tummy teas.

Men suffering from impotency or big tummy or bad smell from inside the mouth.

This page will serve as a transparency and testimony page, because we shall keep treating people and meeting their desire.

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How to contact us 

We are not diabolical
We are not a miracle and healing centre
We only use gifted herbs from Benine to prepare the dose for you.

Before we you the drugs do these:

  •  Go for test to ascertain your alright….
  •  Treat infections….
  •  Have a womb ….
  • Men can even take the drugs…..

On payment:
On the appointment day come with #15000 and 2 litres container, for the herbal remedies that will last for 2 months .
Payment comes as a free will donation after conception about 6 – 8 months you come for appreciation.

Charges for said herbs because of going to Benin to gather them but due to some people are ungrateful to come back, at least we collect payment for the herbs .

Payments will be made personally unless you can’t make it, then prepare for alternative or waybill.

Reason for seeing the preparation is to enable you know what you are drinking not ‘anyhow’ concoction.

Interested, book appointment with us.
Follow up this page for more

Call/WhatsApp: 07038050001 for more .

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