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How to treat infertility with herbal remedies; 5 things they are not telling you

When life throws a shade at you, how do you handle it? The trauma of infertility in women isn’t something to wish even an enemy.

Even though there aren’t any specific reason for  infertility in most women , there are usually symptoms medically recognized as causes of those infertility.
Apart from the major symptom which is not getting pregnant. However, not getting pregnant is the only open infertility everybody knows about while there multiple symptoms which often is responsible for the  underlying cause of the infertility.

Aju mbaise menstrual control tea

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Signs of Infertility

Here are some symptoms that may indicate infertility problem in women.

  • Irregular Periods: When the number of days between each period varies monthly, absent or scanty period.
  • Too long menstrual cycle (35 days or more) or too short
  • Very Painful Period.
  • Repeated miscarriages
  • Pelvic Inflammatory diseases
  • Milky white discharge from nipple which does not relate to pregnancy(excessive prolactin ) Skin changes which often includes more acne
  • Pains during or following intercourse.
  • Lack of sexual arousals.

Factors that can increase the risk of infertility in women

  1. Age: Women have finite number of eggs. Therefore as a female grow old, the quality and the quantity of the egg reduces. At mid 30s, getting pregnant becomes more challenging and there is increased risk of miscarriage.
  2. Alcohol: Excess drinking has been associated with higher risk of ovulatory disorders and endometriosis.
  3. Stress: Either emotional or physical stress both tend to increase the chance of ovulatory disorder and hormonal imbalance. Always thinking of pregnancy (restlessness)
  4. Sexually Transmitted disease: STD’s such as chlamydia, gonorrhea etc can damage the fallopian tube. Having unprotected intercourse with multiple partners increases the risk of contacting a sexually transmitted disease.
  5. Excessive Weight gain: Getting to a healthy body size has been proven to increase ovulation frequency and likelihood of pregnancy. Hence, normal ovulation may be prevented by being over weight or being underweight .

Who can suffer infertility:

Anybody have the tendency of suffering infertility-related issues but knowing how fast to commence treatment is the best.

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Using herbs to cure Infertility
Like Aju Mbaise, infection roots, maca root, beetroot, healing stone, burdock roots which is the infusion of different distinct leaves and roots.

Treatment with those herbs differs based on individual needs.

Herbal roots for fibroid treatment are more effective most times than going under the knife.

4 Types of Aju Mbaise infusion

  1. Aju Mbaise for flat tummy and weight loss (omugwo boost)
  2. Aju Mbaise for fertility boost which are combined with stinging nettles and fertility roots.
  3. Aju Mbaise for infections, menstrual irregularities.
  4. Aju mbaise for fibroid treatment when infused with other fibroid healing leaves and roots.

Don’t drink the wrong mixture.

Treatment we offer includes:

We offer many treatment and should be completed within 2 months you can go back for checkup as we follow you up a month.

other remedies includes

  • 7 days body detox #2500 for flat tummy
    Menstrual disorder control tea for irregular menstruation or menstrual related #5000.
  • Aju mbaise fertility tea #7500 for fertility booster  (TTC moms).
  • Aju mbaise fibroid tea #8000.
  • Infection flush set # #7500  for Ovary cysts, fibroid, toilet infection, pelvic inflammatory disease and others.
Aju mbaise herbal products: call-08026066041

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Infertility is usually defined as the inability to become pregnant after one year of intimacy without birth control Infertility affects about 10% of couples in their reproductive age. Approximately one-third of infertility cases can be attributed to a fertility issue with the woman; one-third with the man; and one-third with either both partners or the cause of the infertility is never found. People shouldn't assume that they or their partners are infertile until they've tried and failed to conceive for at least 6 months if the female partner is 35 years or older, or for at least one year if the female partner is less than 35 years of age. If you are still unable to get pregnant after this time, check with your doctor. Fortunately, it's not uncommon for couples to suddenly conceive a child after years of trying unsuccessfully without treatment. 🌿 🌿 🤔Why don't you try it the herbal way 💁 📌 📌 📌Here🖕is a couple complete fertility set to take care of that which includes: 🌿 Infection flush >For both couple to clear underlying disease 🌿Fertility tea >to boost the female reproductive system and position it for conception . 🌿Manpower roots >to boost the male libido , reducing excess sugar 🌿 💰Price : #17200 🛫Delivery worldwide 🛎1 month free followup : : : : : : Remember time Wait's for no man : : #ajumbaise_herbal #amherbalventures #amherbal #ajumbaise_tea #detox #infertility #couplesinfertility #marriage #lovelife #childbirth #delayedchildbearing #focused #health #weightloss #tummytea #fertilitytea #ceoofnature #dailylife

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