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Aju mbaise Herbal

Importance of Aju Mbaise fertility tea

Aju Mbaise infusion is Nigerian richest herbal tea for weight loss, fertility, fibroid, diabetes, ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease and others.

As it’s a combination of more than 5 leaves from different rich plants, bark of a tree and other rich spices, the mixture comes in different package according to individual needs particularly infused bit by bit to get the desired quantity for quality dosage.

So, Aju Mbaise for fertility is a combination of AJU Mbaise leaves, nettle leaves and fertility roots and fruits, blended together to boost fertility in couples trying to conceive, women with excess prolactine, delayed period and hormonal imbalance.

A teabag contains Aju mbaise, nettle leaves with mixed fertility spices and fruits.

Aju Mbaise fertility tea

Who should take it

  • Couple trying to conceive after one year of having regular sex.
  • Women with who had previous miscarriage.
  • Women who wished to boost their fertility, in preparation to get pregnant.
  • Men with low sperm count.
  • Women with delayed period
  • Ovarian cysts carrier
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Low libido in women
Aju Mbaise tea

Benefits of Aju Mbaise fertility tea

  1. Increases fertility
  2. Restores reproductive health
  3. Stimulates ovulation
  4. Boosts metabolism
  5. Brings back delayed period
  6. Cleanses unwanted toxins
  7. Refreshes the body.

How to get pregnant

Always take your fertility herbal tea morning and night as prescribed.

Have regular intercourse, before,  within or after ovulation.

When consumed daily through out your cycle, enhances conception by 85%.

Finally, have fun and await the good news with 2 weeks to 3 months of using the tea.


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