Aju mbaise Herbal

Become our Agent: Make 40% extra income selling Ajumbaise herbal products

Why not become our Agent ? The money making side of AM HERBAL Ventures. We are excited to have your attention…

5 reasons and benefits why you should join our team:

  1.  Our products are unique, reliable and very affordable .
  2. A registered brand established out of our love for nature.
  3. A month follow up of business tips, just incase you have any challenges.
  4. Our Wholesalers are entitled to 35% off retail price for example if a wholesaler
    Minimum purchase under AM Herbal is #50k. You get products Worth’s 84k making 36k or above, with 50k, we can mix our regular-demanded products for you
  5. Refer Buyers in your district or state to you …Suggestions on how to sell more and freebies.
  • Become our Wholesaler:  buy in bulk, resale and make more extra income as you touch lives with efficient products, customers will naturally keep flowing in
  • Dropship for AM herbal: Here its a business method where you sells products to consumers, but the products moves directly from us to the final consumer without being handled or stored by the retailer. A drop-shipper could be a student, a housewife, a pastor, a doctor or as a part time hustler.
  • Be our referral: By telling someone about the positive features of our products and encouraging the person to buy, if the persons eventually buys, you earn 20% commission.

    Infection flush remedy

Our Products retail prices and names

We deal on 100% herbs.
Our products /prices includes:

weight loss set
7 days body detox #2000
Flat tummy tea #7000
Meal plan #1000

Fertility set
Fertility tea 7500
Infection flush #3500
Fibroid tea #8000
Menstrual control tea #5000

Sex sweeteners
Libido booster (manpower) #5000
Akwete Original dry gin 80cl #1500
Vagina sweetener #9000
Vagina tightening balls #5000
Vagina wetness # 3000

Infection sets

Toilet infection herbs #3500
Infection soap #2500
Infection cream #500
Mixed spice for traditional dishes #700
Fresh aju mbaise with spices wholesale and retail  from 20 wraps.

Become our Agent, make 40% on each product

Finally, our dispatch unit is active as delivery within Nigeria is 48 hours, outside is 7 days….so Looking forward to doing business with you. Thank you

Warm regards,
@ajumbaise_herbal, owner of abiadigest.com



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