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Aju mbaise Herbal


Couple fertility set

12,500.00 12,000.00


Trying to conceive after 1,2,3,4, and 5 years of regular sex, your struggle is over my dear, as you get this couple fertility set for a month therapy, 100% herbs which regulates sugar level.

Manpower wonders

  1.  boost sperm
  2. Produces fresh sperm
  3. Stimulates sexual hours for men with quick ejeculation .
  4. It cures infection too.
  5. Best for men trying for babies. For men who can’t satisfy their women☺☺☺

Fertility tea

  1. Balances hormones
  2. Calms the walls of the stomach
  3. Regulates delayed period
  4. Detox the body of unwanted  toxins.



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